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ATC - At The Core

At ATC, we believe in delving into the very core of every task we attempt with precision, concentration and determination. Our attitude, reflected in our products, makes us pioneers in our field.

We develop high-quality cutting tools to facilitate the automobile, aeronauticals, farm equipments, railways & ordnance industries, fabricators, tube manufacturers and foundries. With an extensive product portfolio comprising Solid Carbide Ball Nose Cutters, HSS Drills, End Mills, Solid Carbide Drills and Reamers, ATC is the most sought-after manufacturer for its wide range of cutting tools today.
Backed by a dedicated team, equipped with state-of-the-art technology and guided by ISI & BSS benchmarks, we stay ahead and continuously reinvent ourselves, making us who we are today with the promise of a great tomorrow.

ATC Aptitude

Incorporated in 1991, we at ATC Tools pride ourselves on being a total solutions company that focuses its business strategies on taking up challenging assignments, developing and manufacturing carbide custom-made cutting tools. The products and services provided by ATC Tools have been well recognized by its business partners in various trade industries such as

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With a 3000 sq. ft manufacturing unit in Chennai, ATC houses a fine array of top-notch precision equipment. They include

  • KENNAMETAL - ECOGRIND 5 Axis CNC Tool & Cutter grinder
  • Flute grinding machines
  • Screen type optical profile grinder
  • Digital instruments for checking all dimensions

Our main aim is to ensure that your requirements are comfortably met and expectations exceeded.

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Walter Helitronic Power Diamond Eroding/ Tool Grinding Machine

The power packed '2-in-1' mean machine

Helitronic is a synonym for the best eroding and sharpening tools around the world.And the Helitronic Power diamond is definitely one of the best investments we've made. Thanks to its unique "Two-in-One" concept, it is now possible to erode AND grind on one machine for the first time. Its high weight and extreme rigidity convert the high dynamics of the digital drive into vibration free precision.

Result: Higher productivity and efficiency with superior quality.

The Helitronic HMC600 has a great name world over for its accuracy and ease of use. It converts the high dynamics of digitally steered linear and servomotors into high eroding and grinding performance as well as high precision with minimal non-productive time and no hesitation.

This machine comes equipped with its very own tool grinding software, the Helitronic Tool Studio. – the epitome of easy programming with unlimited flexibility and complete stability. This can create machining and movement sequences for complex as well as standard tools. Using the Helitronic Tool Studio, drills, profile cutters, step tools, forming tools, end mills, taper end mills, broaches or rotary cutters can be easily created with just a few geometry data. The 3D Live Simulation on Screen feature ensures that the grinding result can be checked and optimized right at the design stage. The Helitronic Power Diamond and Tool Studio work together to literally create magic, ensuring a What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get perfection from the online stage to the actual product in hand.


Perfect for both manufacturing & regrinding with high degree of consistency Flexible batch quantities – from just one tool to several per batch Improved rigidity , higher grinding precision and improved surface quality on the tool is assured The machine is offered with basic as well as advanced user friendly tool grinding software

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Over 30 years experience & knowledge of international industrial systems.